Many of my recipes are carefully chosen to explore a specific topic relating to health and nutrition, agriculture or food policy. Compiled below by topic, I hope these help give context to our cooking and guidance to our everyday choices.

Can ANCIENT GRAINS change how we think about cooking?
Ancient grains - from farro to chia to sorghum - have been on this earth for a very long time and compared to commercial wheat and corn, are relatively pure in their makeup. Incorporating these grains in their many forms into everyday cooking and baking opens up endless opportunities for healthy eating. And a recipe for twice-the-zucchini bread using ancient, low-gluten einkorn flour.

Where do our BERRIES come from and why the hefty price tag?
Berries are one of the most fragile, vulnerable crops, which helps explain their cost. Why they are especially best from your local farmer's market, and a recipe for a gluten-free berry tart with a vegan lemon curd that makes the real stuff pale in comparison. 

First of all, it's a seed, not a wheat, and everything else you want to know about this supernatural, ancient, soothing pseudocereal, including a recipe for warm summer soba noodles.

Eating RAW: what you should know if you are considering trying
What it is, the evidence for and against its benefits, my experience and takeaway, and a recipe for raw basil nut pesto that won't make you miss the parmesan.

SUPERFOODS: do we buy the hype?
Is 'superfood' just a marketing term? If so, is there something valuable we can take away from the concept? And a recipe for coconut 'mac-ao' ice pops with chia seed, maca powder and raw cacao.